Ethics and Plagiarism Summary

Ethics and Plagiarism are an important part of communications, because many times, ideas seem to represent or channel other ideas, and we need to remember not to blatantly take the ideas of others. If we are to do what we want within our spaces, we need to know copyright laws and how to work through […]

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Internships Summary

Internships are arguably one of the more important steps to get into the communication field, in many careers it is a lot about the experience that you have, and internships are a great way to gain that experience. Although internships don’t always lead to an immediate job opportunity, they give you an opportunity to learn […]

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Advertising Summary

Advertising is very much similar to visual in a few ways, they both deal with capturing the attention of a viewer and marketing to them in a creative way, this means that it is another thing I am interested in. One major difference is that advertising focusses more on how to get the idea across, […]

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Public Relations Summary

Public Relations are the way in which a person or entity is able to tell the general public who they are. It is the job of someone in PR to make sure that the company or individual is appealing to the masses, whether this is done through showcasing the positives a person has done or […]

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Organizational and Advocacy

Advocacy is a very important aspect in communications. Advocacy allows for relationships to be formed between organizations and people, it affects how a company relates with their consumers. If we are to truly help people and establish connections as communication students, it is through advocacy that we can do that.

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Visual Comm Summary

Visual is my emphasis, it is interesting, because with visual you can go into a lot of different fields, such as advertising and web design. Visual is one of the more creative fields in the communications majors, and that being said it allows for a lot of learning and space to grow. I chose visual, […]

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